Contemporary VA provides you with a skilled, proactive, and scalable team of Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who share your desire for your business’ success.

Meet the Contemporary VA Team

Contemporary VA is a US-based virtual assistant organization providing business and professionals with a variety of online assistants who do all the things (and more!) that an onsite assistant can do, but in a scalable solution, without the headaches of hiring, training, insurance and taxes.

Our team is made up of English-speaking professionals who are located worldwide. While the majority of our team is located in North America, given the need to fulfill a variety of time zones with around-the-clock service, we have begun to locate, hire, and train a variety of English-speaking professionals in the UK, Australia and across Europe.

Each VA goes through a rigorous selection and testing process, a basic training program, a more advanced apprenticeship program, and is expected to participate in ongoing skill upgrades. Our core team of VA’s comes from a variety of backgrounds, including small business, legal, medical, and more. This allows us to match your business with the perfect VA.


Ivan Novak, Information Technology Director

Figuring out exactly how to make your website design easy for every customer to use without frustration, understanding why a piece of code isn't working properly and fixing it, or spending a few hours tinkering with the back end just to make it that much more likely that a potential customer clicks through to make a sale - that's not what most of us do for fun.

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Assistant & Departmental Supervisors

Rachel Braam, Accounting

Rachel Braam isn't satisfied with a job well done. This enthusiastic performer keeps going until every task could justifiably be called excellently done.

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Thomas Molina, Office Assistant, Administration

Thomas Molina is the friendliest troubleshooter you'll ever meet. Most calculating minds come with distant demeanors; Thomas bucks the stereotype by coupling his diagnostic and analytical skills with an open rapport, easygoing demeanor, and sincere desire to connect with others.

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Customer Service

Randi Brown, Client Advocate

Randi is passionate about ensuring a successful relationship between our clients and our VAs, and her amazing communications skills make her an ideal person to manage those interactions. She's delighted to take a call with a client who has an inquiry - because she knows she can find a solution for them promptly and provide satisfaction in no time at all.

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Web Development Team

Daniel Holland, Web Developer

Efficiency and effectiveness are Daniel Holland's watchwords, and he makes sure that every website development contract he works on reflects those two sterling business qualities.

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Ali Rowan, Graphic Designer

To call Ali Rowan an overachiever would be a bit of an understatement. A talented graphic designer with a perfectionist's penchant for meeting every deadline on time and delivering even more than any client could expect, Ali has reached a level of professionalism, poise, and talent that makes her a bright star even in our extremely qualified pool of talent.

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Stockbridge Truslow, Web Developer

Stockbridge Truslow has been fascinated by computer programming for over 30 years - and to maintain a fascination that long, you're constantly finding new aspects of your subject to enjoy.

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Team Leaders

Aimee Sadler, Team Leader

As a veteran of Contemporary Virtual Assistance, Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA) Aimee Sadler wants the key message of her bio to convey that she is not one to shy away from a problem, and will do everything she can to get things done. Describing herself as friendly, personable, with a "can-do" attitude, Aimee strives to meet her clients' needs - embracing the personal business philosophy, "I want to put my best into absolutely everything, no matter how small!"

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Russ Bonchu, Team Leader

Russell Bonchu has passion, character, and integrity - old-fashioned values he's managed to bring into a modern-day world, much to the surprise and delight of his clients. A consummate professional, Russell is everything you could hope for in a Virtual Assistant, but his real virtue is in the amazing vision he brings to everything he does.

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Theresa Snedeker, Team Leader

Describing herself as honest, hardworking, dependable, trustworthy, responsible, and open minded, Virtual Assistant Team Leader (VA-TL) Theresa Snedeker considers becoming a VA-TL at Contemporary Virtual Assistance the professional accomplishment she is most proud of, explaining, "Being in this position I am able to help my team grow and achieve their own goals within CVA as their TL and mentor. I have access to more resources to help my clients, my team and myself grow." This enthusiastic attitude comes as no surprise to colleagues and clients who know Theresa as a dedicated professional who takes pride in her work and maintains a vested interest in the success of each of her clients.

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Christina McCandlish, Team Leader

As a Team Leader Virtual Assistant for CVA, Christina's primary responsibility is to provide client support and guidance, increase client value, and help CVA clients to thrive.

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Virtual Assistants

Laurie Dennis, Virtual Assistant

Describing herself as "a true people person who enjoys getting to know and connect with my clients on a personal level," Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA) Laura Dennis brings the added perspective of having herself been a business owner, manager and staff worker in the hospitality industry. Holding a two-year Associates Degree from Elk Lake Vo-Tech Center in Pennsylvania, Laura is a long-standing employee of Contemporary Virtual Assistance (CVA) who has consistently demonstrated exceptional loyalty to both clients and coworkers--and gained their unqualified respect.

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Catherine V. Duffy, Virtual Assistant

Catherine V. Duffy is a woman who sees the big picture for your online business. It's easy to get distracted when there are countless tasks to perform for a given business - and as a virtual assistant, Catherine is given dozens of tasks every day. Her ability to keep her eye on the prize means she's always tackling the most important priorities first, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Becki Smith, Virtual Assistant

Becki Smith keeps working until the job is done - no matter what. Everyone has difficult days, but Becki believes that there's no sense waiting until you're in your best mood or the inspiration strikes. Keep striving, and you'll deliver exactly what's needed to keep everything moving smoothly. That way, when you're having one of your best days, you're not catching up - you're surging ahead.

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Lora Baker, Virtual Assistant

Lora Baker is deeply invested in her clients' success. She likes to say that she cannot count herself successful if her clients are not successful - which means she strives every day to bring her clients yet another step closer to their biggest goals.

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