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Christina McCandlish

Team Leader
Team Velocity

Dec 2017
May 2017
Feb 2017
Jan 2017
Aug 2014

Before joining the Contemporary Virtual Assistance (CVA) organization, Christina‘s employment experience included working in the medical sector at Genesis Healthcare and with the customer service teams at Cashland Inc. and Southeastern Salon Suppliers. Christina excelled as Field Supervisor at DDC Advocacy through contractor management, performing software training, writing and content editing, and working with congressional offices and constituents on political matters. Additionally, this Team Member of the Month (August 2014) recipient achieved an Associate in Business degree from Ohio University adding to the expertise she brings to the CVA team. Thus, Christina brings unparalleled business and customer service experience to the CVA organization – representing a veritable wellspring of knowledge and insight for her clients.

On a more personal level, having grown up in a military family, Christina believes that it‘s important to never let our service men and women forge – whether abroad or at home – that they are supported, and she is also a strong advocate of providing a foundation for today‘s youth to become tomorrow‘s leaders through support of youth organizations like 4-H, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Additionally, her professional affiliations include the Professional Women‘s Network, the Muskingum County-Zanesville Chamber of Commerce, and the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

As a Team Leader Virtual Assistant for CVA, Christina‘s primary responsibility is to provide client support and guidance, increase client value, and help CVA clients to thrive.

“My goal at the end of each day,” Christina professes, “is to make certain that I‘ve left all of our clients feeling supported and valued and that they are the only client CVA has. By providing personal attention and investing in them, they will invest in us!” – a perspective that makes Christina an outstanding and invaluable asset to CVA clients.

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