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Lora Baker

Virtual Assistant
Team Precision

Jun 2017

The only regret you should have is not learning from your mistakes. –

Lora Baker is deeply invested in her clients’ success. She likes to say that she cannot count herself successful if her clients are not successful – which means she strives every day to bring her clients yet another step closer to their biggest goals.

Lora has built an entire career around helping and encouraging those around her to reach for the stars, and her work as an assistant VA reflects that selfless dedication to her clients’ needs. Lora wants her clients to feel total confidence in her ability to help them with their most difficult challenges, so she strives not only to deliver her work on time and as promised, but with that extra “wow” factor that makes her clients vow they‘ll never turn to anyone else. Always willing to learn new procedures, skills, and programs, Lora is a big believer in embracing change whenever it will help her achieve a greater outcome for her clients. She‘s already a master of QuickBooks, WordPress, and Infusionsoft, and is eager to expand her skills further over the next year.

In her work as an assistant VA, Lora has been asked to play any number of roles ranging from Executive Assistant to Marketing Strategist. In addition to regular administrative duties, you can find Lora on any given day doing research, handling invoicing and bill pay, managing projects, editing and refining websites, creating email campaigns, writing up marketing materials, and maintaining her clients’ social media and blog content. Got a new task you need her to master? Lora can‘t wait to help.

Lora holds an Associates degree in Project Management from Oklahoma State University, and is currently studying to earn her Hootsuite Academy certification for Social Media Marketing. Her previous clients include the City of Tulsa and Manhattan Construction, and she has nearly 10 years of experience providing contract negotiations, permitting and licensing expediting, and general bookkeeping for private clients. In her spare time, Lora works to honor fallen police officers and first responders. She recently planned and presented the first Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service her home county, and is currently working toward a similar memorial service to honor firefighters and other first responders. She is also a proud supporter of the Special Olympics.

If you need one person you can always rely on, look no further than Lora. She won‘t quit until she finds the right solution, and she‘s an enormous believer in exceeding expectations. When you bring Lora on to your team, she‘ll make your success her personal mission – and Lora‘s never failed a mission yet.

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