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Rachel Braam


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and use the lemon peels in a warm bath. Why stop with the lemonade?” – Rachel Braam

Rachel Braam isn‘t satisfied with a job well done. This enthusiastic performer keeps going until every task could justifiably be called excellently done.

Rachel has worked hard to polish her professional excellence, accuracy and timeliness to a brilliant shine to help Contemporary VA with their Accounts Payable and Receivable needs. Rachel knows her strengths and plays to them.

Her logical mind has always done well with numbers, and her perfectionist nature ensures there is never a decimal out of place. Having worked with many small businesses makes Rachel particularly responsive to the needs of companies with fragile cash flow, helping them pay on time with grace and sensitivity.

Rachel has a wide and varied background in all aspects of accounting, including experience managing an entire department. Rachel‘s excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills ensure clients have their bills paid on time and that their invoices up to date, helping their financial systems flow and their businesses grow.

Before her career managing the CVA Accounts Payable and Receivable departments, Rachel learned the business of accounting inside and out with positions with several major banks. She earned a Bachelor‘s degree in Accounting at Florida Atlantic University and went on to a Master‘s in Finance at the University of Miami. She subsequently worked as a bank teller and loan officer for First Union Bank, as a collections officer for SouthEast Connections and as an accounting manager for EXchange.

Rachel‘s meticulous attention to detail and devotion to excellence have given Contemporary VA well-deserved faith in the accuracy and efficiency of all aspects of their finances.

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