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Randi Brown

Client Advocate
Team Client Advocate

Jan 2018
Sep 2016

“It‘s not about what it is, it‘s about what it can become.” – Dr. Suess, The Lorax

Randi is passionate about ensuring a successful relationship between our clients and our VAs, and her amazing communications skills make her an ideal person to manage those interactions. She‘s delighted to take a call with a client who has an inquiry – because she knows she can find a solution for them promptly and provide satisfaction in no time at all.

Randi has extensive experience in administrative work, basic bookkeeping, and cost – saving analyses, but her specialty certainly lies in communications. Since joining CVA as a Client Advocate, Randi has expanded her skills from client interactions and operations manual review to social media and client problem resolution, where she‘s always ready to help a client overcome obstacles they‘re struggling with.

Randi listens closely to our clients, and she probably knows more about their hopes and dreams than their own families! She‘s also incredibly well versed in the services our VAs can provide, which means she always has the information she needs to help on hand. She‘s wonderful at anticipating problems before they ever arise, since her experience with our clients and her close eye for detail helps her see where they‘re intending to go and what advice they might need to get there successfully.

Resourceful and imaginative, Randi is a self-learner who likes to stay on top of new technology, and is quick to grasp the organizational reasoning behind any new software. She‘s a master at ensuring operation manuals are user – friendly, and she‘s also racked up serious experience using social media platforms like Twitter – and keeping them organized with Hootsuite.

Randi has previously worked as a Quality Assurance Consultant for MBO Enterprise, where she tested new programs for functionality over a wide array of possible inquiries and future requirements. She wrote and updated user guides and worked directly with customers to ensure they understood the changes and could use the programs with ease.

She also worked as a Help Desk Support Coordinator for the Performance Review Institute, where she trained new users on the company‘s software and developed training materials for them based on frequently asked questions and common issues. In her spare time, Randi volunteers for her local PTA, helping with the budget and helping improve the school‘s administrative organization.

If you need help to resolve issues, even before they arise, look no further. Randi‘s ability and desire to provide exceptional customer service will quickly have you connected with the perfect VA for your business.

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