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Stockbridge Truslow

Web Developer

Stockbridge Truslow has been fascinated by computer programming for over 30 years – and to maintain a fascination that long, you‘re constantly finding new aspects of your subject to enjoy.

This passion is what sets Stockbridge apart. In his work as freelance web designer and application developer, Stockbridge lives the perfect happy medium between passion and practicality: his clients constantly bring him new and unusual problems to solve through ever-more-innovative programming solutions, and he in turn feeds his lifelong desire to discover new solutions in his favorite realm.

While the breadth of his knowledge is truly impressive, Stockbridge holds fast to the certainty that in the ever-changing field of programming, it‘s absolutely impossible for even the most knowledgeable of experts to rest on his laurels. With every new development in programming, a new avenue of possibilities is opened, and Stockbridge‘s mission is to continually educate himself on each of them – in fact, he‘s discovered and championed more than a few programming possibilities himself.

Clients know Stockbridge never says a solution is impossible or can‘t be done. If he doesn‘t already possess the knowledge to create the solution (pretty unlikely), he‘ll happily study, invent and tinker until he discovers a brand-new solution that works like a charm.

Stockbridge clearly pursues his profession out of pure love, and he‘s equally engaged with business necessities. He knows how to stick with a budget, how to incorporate a string of disconnected desires and break them down into logical solutions, and when it‘s necessary to talk straight with a client and explain that what‘s being requested won‘t produce the desired results.

That‘s why Stockbridge always pursues the “why” behind a request-he wants to make sure that what he creates solves the specific problem. He‘s devoted to programming solutions that actively improve a client‘s business.

He‘s even been known to deliver above and beyond, adding programming aspects that address needs the client didn‘t even know could be addressed. And they‘re thrilled!

Stockbridge has worked in a range of fields over the last 30 years and is an expert in HTML, ASP, PHP, mySQL, search engine optimization (SEO), SE Crawl-ability, site structure and navigation, and workflow analysis.

He also delivers every project with attention toward usability, knowing that while programming is his passion, it shouldn‘t have to be the user‘s. Now that‘s what we call expert foresight.

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