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Thomas Molina

Office Assistant, Administration

Thomas Molina is the friendliest troubleshooter you‘ll ever meet. Most calculating minds come with distant demeanors; Thomas bucks the stereotype by coupling his diagnostic and analytical skills with an open rapport, easygoing demeanor, and sincere desire to connect with others.

His suggestions for increasing efficiency are always designed to help the company at large get the most out of their various skills and preferred methods of working, and he has the unique ability to deliver an analysis of any company‘s internal problems without creating bad blood.

Thomas is never happier than when identifying bugs and testing fixes for a company‘s various systems. Equally at home in customer service, tech support, and business administration, Thomas quickly creates a solid rapport with each department and learns how the problems are affecting their daily work.

When he presents a solution, it‘s with the wellbeing of the entire team in mind, which means every department is ten times more likely to actually use and improve upon the system. He‘s quick to understand new systems and even quicker to identify the trouble spots within them, and he‘s always willing to work with the team to ensure the solution he has in mind will be embraced and implemented.

Working closely with all departments, Thomas streamlines systems that are already in place and suggests new systems that work seamlessly with the company‘s current structure. He‘s also excellent at general customer service, always ready with an explanation for the problem, a sympathetic understanding of the customer‘s frustration, and – naturally – a quick fix that satisfies everyone. He has experience in web application development and testing, business analysis, social media platform development and aggregation, and administrative troubleshooting.

Thomas holds a Bachelor‘s degree from the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and spent a stint in South Korea teaching English to kindergarten and elementary students, an experience which gave him an in-depth understanding of cultural sensitivity. He has since worked for Morris Library, Chef Wings To Go, Jac O’ Mar Stables, CVA, and IAC-EZ as a troubleshooter and analyst. He is excellent at assimilating new systems and making himself at home in new company cultures, and is always well-liked for his approachable demeanor and quick analytical mind.

When Thomas troubleshoots, he always hits the bulls-eye. With him on our CVA team, we rest assured knowing Thomas’ efficiency will continue to aid in smart cost-cutting measures in order to keep us operating at our best.

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