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What is a Telesummit and How Could it Help Your Business?

You’ve always dreamed of hosting your own conference. A conference is a great opportunity to not only network with your colleagues, but it’s also a good chance to learn and keep up with the goings on in your field. Hosting a conference, however, is a huge undertaking. You have to find a host city, secure a hotel, secure speakers, and figure out how to market the entire thing. This can take up a lot of time that you could be spending on other projects and growing your business.

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Navigating Websites in an Online World

There was time when having a traditional brick and mortar establishment were all you needed, but today that’s not enough. It can be intimidating when you think about all that goes into building and maintaining a website, but it’s a requirement in today’s business world.

What goes into building and maintaining a successful website in an online world?

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How Infusionsoft Can Increase Sales

What is Infusionsoft? It is a piece of software designed to automate some aspects of your marketing campaign. It was designed to save you time and money. It can send strategically timed emails, follow-up messages and post on social media platforms. Infusionsoft can get you organized, increase sales and save time.

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What Qualities Make an Excellent Virtual Assistant?

With the availability of Virtual Assistants on the rise, it can be difficult to choose exactly which one is right for you. A good virtual assistant can take hours off your working week and help you to run a more efficient business. If you are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you manage your workload, here are a few important qualities to consider.

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Why Hire Multiple Virtual Assistants?

The reasons for hiring multiple virtual assistants begins with the same reasons you hire your first one. You want to be more productive, work less, see more, have more personal time, and still build your company. Delegating the mundane tasks to an assistant gives you the freedom to do what they can’t. This includes selling, creating product and strategic thinking and acting. You can even use a virtual assistant for organizing connections and resources, scheduling and editing or proofing your own writing. What additional reasons would you have to multiple virtual assistants?

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How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

You can only be in one place at a time, and your time as a leader in your organization is best spent doing what others can’t. So why do many leaders busy themselves with the minutia and daily tasks of the day? A leader must learn what they aren’t good at as well as what jobs unnecessarily take up their time. This knowledge gives us the basis to know what to delegate to keep your time reserved for strategic thinking and acting. Delegating to others can maximize what gets done and is a key to maximizing your own productivity.

Here are a few tips to delegating tasks effectively:

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