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Managing the Ebbs and Flows of Growing Your Business

One of the hardest aspects to manage when trying to grow your business is success! For months, even years, you are constantly marketing and promoting your business, only seeing minor growth. Then one day, it all pays off. The phone begins to ring, your email is full of hot leads and you have more work than you can handle. Now you need help, fast, or you risk losing these new clients you worked so hard to gain. You can hire employees, but what if business ebbs off again?

Business Practices to Help Safeguard Customer Information

Tablet on a desk, concept of data protection, blue

Tablet on a desk, concept of data protection, blue

With increased dependence on digital data and the growing number of savvy hackers, business owners must take proactive measures to protect customer information. A business builds its brand by ensuring data like Social Security numbers, bank information, emails and addresses are safe from thieves. Consumers are more vigilant and protective of their data as a result of two high-profile breaches in 2014. Target reported 40 million credit cards were compromised, while Home Depot reported over 56 million consumer accounts were vulnerable to identity thieves.

Here are some business practices to help safeguard customer information:

It’s All In The Attitude

Challenges are a daily part of the job as a virtual Assistant. Clients give impossible tasks, with quick turnaround times, and want them perfect. One client requested a huge task; create a five-day program with emails, web pages, videos and recordings to be completed in one day.  My job became seeing the challenge and the puzzle that it created, and figuring out how to piece it together to make both my client and myself happy. Seem easy? It can be, with the right attitude.

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Why Business Plans Are a Waste of Time – And Why You Better Be Able To Draw It on a Napkin

Arguably, business plans can be the driving force for a new business. But how in-depth do they need to be to decide whether to move forward? The answer to this question can be two-fold.

Customer Service – What it REALLY Means to Serve Your Customers

Think back to the last time you walked into a business. Can you remember how long it took for an employee to acknowledge you? It doesn’t have to be anything over the top; a simple “hello” is more than enough. But do you realize how (and if) you’re greeted will determine your experience?

Tools Every Online Business Should Use


Tools for you

The details of running an online business can vary from industry to industry, but one thing remains clear. There are several tools that make running an online business easier and more successful. Working with a Virtual Assistant can add even more value to these tools, as your assistant helps manage all the items on your “To Do” list.

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