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Building a Lasting Client Relationship

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

All clients, companies, tasks and goals are different. Building a relationship however, requires the same steps every time. Each client is unique – how they speak, what they think, how they want work to be completed and how they picture the relationship with their Virtual Assistant. Creating a foundation built on trust, mutual respect and drive will guarantee a working relationship that will thrive and succeed.

What Should Be Included in Your VA Contract?

The contract you design for your virtual assistant is very important document for you and for them. You will want to make sure that all the details of their job are covered, so that neither of you are left with assumptions. The clearer you can be, the better chance you have of having a long lasting and satisfying relationship with your virtual assistant. The following are some key pieces to include when writing your contract.

Let’s Put These Security Myths to Rest

login password on lcd screen macro

login password on lcd screen macro

Every summer, thousands of hackers get together for the Def Con conference in Las Vegas. The term “hacker” makes the participants seem like bored adolescents with some computer skills. In reality, Def Con attendees are highly trained mathematicians, cryptographers and computer scientists. They share ideas and, above all else, remind business owners that the things they believe about their security are simply not true.

The Biggest Mistake Business Professionals Make when Outsourcing Their Social Media

Outsourcing important business growth tasks like social media management and scheduling makes smart business sense for the already time-starved entrepreneur. Social media is critically important to the growth and visibility of any business while also being an effective way of driving traffic back to a website. As easy as it is to hand this project off to a qualified virtual assistant, business professionals often makes the assumption that their new hire will “know what to do” when it comes to proper social networking on behalf of their business.

The Client Advocate Team – More Than Just Customer Support

More Than Just Customer Support, Brainstorm

When you see the term Customer Support (or as we like to say Client Advocate) what comes to mind?  Typically, what you think of is that this department is there to be your voice, ensure you are satisfied, and assist you with resolving questions or issues.  But the Client Advocate Team at Contemporary VA is more than just customer support.  A key CVA Core value is “Our clients’ success is our success” and members of our Client Advocate team enjoy conducting brainstorming calls with clients to help them reach their business goals and be successful.

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How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Assistant’s Time

When you hire a virtual assistant, you are hiring them as an independent contractor, but also you are hiring a secret weapon of effective business-building.

Independent contractors are individuals who work for you, but are not considered an employee. This means business owners do not have to deal with payroll, taxes, pensions or benefits such as medical insurance.  Another added benefit to hiring VAs is that they can be hired for short term project and typically work at an hourly rate. This is more cost effective than hiring a full time employee and outsourcing business tasks like payroll, blogging, graphic design and more and a bold and savvy more for many entrepreneurs.

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