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How to Go Paperless in the Workplace


If your office is strewn with papers and file cabinets, switching to a digital platform may have crossed your mind at some point to clear the clutter. However, this arduous task is easier said than done, especially if your employees are resistant to change. But if done properly, making the shift could save you cash in the long run.

How to Build a Strong Relationship With Your VA

You’ve decided to join the ranks of many businesses today that choose to outsource part of their business tasks to a Virtual Assistant. You may feel a bit nervous about this new virtual relationship. You did your research and were thorough about checking references and past work history, everything should be fine. It isn’t unusual to have hesitations when trying something new.

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a larger factor in growing brand awareness and accumulating new customers. Most likely you are already using social media to market your business. The question is how effective your social media marketing efforts have been in building your brand. There are definite do’s and don’ts to using social media marketing to ensure you are getting the most benefit for your efforts.

Types of Retail Complainers and How to Solve Their Problems


They are the bane of the retail sector. Salespeople have found their Zen from forcing an enlightened smile onto an incredulous face while others have lost their minds and their jobs in the face of the chronic complainer. It is understandable to be upset when a product does not perform as promised, but some people complain at any departure from their expectation. These serial complainers come in various types, all of which can annoy the innocent sales clerk. But, they can be dealt with in various ways.

Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants – The Perfect Team

Entrepreneurs are a special breed, daring to take on the challenge of creating their own path in a very competitive marketplace. Especially for those who start small businesses with few or no employees, the burden of running and growing their business falls directly on their shoulders. While it is noble to try to do it all on your own, it is not always feasible. You need someone you can trust to handle some of the administrative and marketing duties, someone like a CVA Virtual Assistant.

Best Practices for Working with Your VA

If you have a Virtual Assistant, you already understand the value they bring to the table. Having an experienced VA on your side can save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of running your business. At CVA, we want you to get the most out of every minute you invest in your VA, so we have put together a list of best practices for working with your VA. These can help ensure that your VA has everything they need to be as efficient as possible when completing your projects.

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