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Steps to Starting a Website Blog

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already thought about what might go into it. Whether you need to boost your traffic, generate a buzz about new products or service, or just increase your online presence, there are a few key steps that go into creating a SUCCESSFUL website blog.  Let’s start.

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Is Your Website Design Mobile Responsive?

Mobile Responsive Website Technology is a growing trend to provide internet users high-quality browsing experiences on mobile devices. Mobile responsive sites adapt their content and layout to fit any size screen. In effect, the site responds differently, depending on the mobile device being used. The distinct advantage of mobile responsive design is that users are not required to click again to access a mobile-friendly site. Often, that extra click is the cause of a potential user moving on to another site. In fact, Google officially recommends that site designers use Mobile Responsive technology to provide better browsing experiences for their users.

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The Benefits of Transcribing Business Meetings

Running a business, and working for one, takes good communication. Everyone has ideas, solutions and recommendations that must be presented. Sometimes it leads to talking over one another, or if online, some technical issues could interfere with the flow of ideas and information…but the agenda and action items must still be met. Transcribing your meetings can help your team become more efficient.

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5 Reasons for a Coach to Hire a VA in 2017

Congratulations coach, 2017 may be your year! Nurturing others to accomplish their goals and flourish is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding careers available. Unsurprisingly, many are realizing this, making coaching a rapidly growing industry, cultivating an annual revenue of around $2 billion. However, as successful coaches know all too well, coaching doesn’t come without challenges and hard work. And as your coaching clientele grows, so does your to-do list.

So, while 2017 may be a banner year for your coaching business, it may also be the year you contract a virtual assistant. It doesn’t matter if your coaching focuses on life issues, business, career, health, sports, or any other sector; you could benefit from a VA. In fact, some of the best coaching advice you have ever given actually points to the benefits of employing a virtual assistant.

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5 Tips for Successful Online Business Meetings

Meetings are an integral part of business: Necessary, but time consuming. With modern technology, online meetings are more popular than ever, which is especially helpful for those who are working together in different locations. Even then, there are issues with connectivity and delays in loading or communication, all of which can make the structure of the meeting disintegrate.

With so much working against the productivity you need, let’s review some tips on how to make your online business meeting a success.

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New Social Media Strategies for 2017

Social media is now mainstream media. Users like sharing and receiving updates in real-time and the option to converse or otherwise interact. Smart advertisers and marketers will take advantage of how people use social media and tailor their strategies accordingly. With the speed of social media, dull advertisements with blatant sales messages pass by without garnering the attention of users, or their clicks. And clicks translate into selling your products or services. Here are some suggested strategies to guide your social media campaigns in 2017.

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