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Stressful to Stress-Free?

Stressed Business Owner

Many times when a client seeks a virtual assistant, it is because they just have so much on their to-do list and they need help keeping track of and getting things implemented. For some, it can seem as though every day there is something new they have to do, a different way to do something, or a new program that just hit the market. With all of this, it can be very overwhelming and stressful to know just where to start and how to implement everything. But what if you could go from stressful to stress-free?

Use Google Hangouts for Virtual Meetings

You are a busy person and so are your clients. In today’s business world, you may even be countries apart. Yet, face to face interaction still counts for something in this digital age. When you can’t meet in person, the next best thing is a video conference call and Google Hangouts is a simple, free, reliable option.

7 Small Business Conferences to Attend in 2016

Going to business conferences is a great opportunity for you to connect and learn from experts and your peers. You get the chance to be face to face, get great ideas, and make plans on how to implement those ideas in your business. Here are some of the top conferences coming up this year for small businesses.

Business Conferences: The Value of Networking

When you are running your own business, networking is the key to growing and spreading the word about your services. Meeting new people at business conferences helps you get out of your current network and spread out into different areas that you would otherwise never be able to reach.

Tech Toys to Run Your Lean, Mean, Portable Office


No one officially designated coffee shops the modern workspace, but we made them our second office anyway. Technology has unglued us from our desks and given us the freedom to work anywhere on the planet. The only limitations in 2016 are bosses who aren’t yet comfortable with the inevitable trend.

Finding It Difficult to Delegate? Here’s the Answer

Do you constantly have to provide instructions, each time you delegate a task? When you delegate a task, you are asking that person to follow a set of specific instructions. Unless a process changes, the instructions will remain the same for each person who carries out the task. Even if you are delegating to new employees, you should never have to walk them through the entire process. It is neither effective nor good use of your time. So, how can you make it easier to delegate, in order to free up your own time for more important work?

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