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5 Mediums Your Business Can Use to Educate the Modern Consumer

Trust gives the modern consumer a level of confidence when making purchases. But how can you build and maintain a sense of confidence and brand loyalty amongst your consumers and prospects? These days, many companies have found that answering consumers’ burning questions and providing unique, evergreen content is the bridge to building trust.

With that in mind, here are a handful of ways you can build that bridge with your own company.

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What is JigsawBox and How Can it Help your Coaching Business?

Whether you’re a fitness coach, life coach, or business coach, transitioning from a face-to-face or over the phone strategy to an online platform can be a bit intimidating. That’s where JigsawBox comes in. JigsawBox is an online coaching platform that lets you reach dozens (or even hundreds) of clients who are in need of your expert services.

Here’s a brief overview of what JigsawBox does, how it can help your coaching business, and how to get started with it.

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Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance in 2018

You already know that achieving a better work-life balance leads to better health, decreased stress, and an overall life improvement—but how do you actually do it?

Between endless meetings, going after new clients, and the overall daily operations it takes to run your business, sometimes it just seems impossible to leave work at work. Though there are certainly busier seasons at work where you’ll need to stay at the office a little later to get things done on time, making that a regular habit can contribute to increased stress and anxiety (which, news flash, is bad for your health).

As the new year arrives and you’re starting to think about your resolutions, here are a few ideas to help you achieve a better work-life balance in 2018.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Website

When was the last time you upgrade your website? While you don’t need to change your website design completely, it is bound to need updates. For many people, your website will be their first interaction with your company. It can have a bigger impact on whether they become a customer or client than any other factor. Here are five ways to consider updating and improving your website to make the best first, second and ongoing impressions on your customers.

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How to Plan Ahead for your Business in 2018

Although it hardly seems believable, 2018 will be here before we know it. After all of the holiday decorations are put up and the ball has dropped to introduce us to another year, another work year will begin.

The big question for any new year that arrives is: will you be ready? If your answer right now is leaning toward no, then read on for a few tips on how to plan ahead for your business in 2018.

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How to Handle a Negative Customer Review on Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and best ways to connect with your customers and clients. It’s a great way to spread information about an upcoming event for your business or to showcase any new products that you may have. But what happens we you get a negative customer review?

Social media, as you well know, also gives customers the platform to write their honest opinions about your products and your business for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, sometimes these opinions aren’t necessarily positive and they can impact how other customers (or potential customers) view your company.

When you have a negative customer review on social media, here’s how to handle it to satisfy the customer and resolve the issue.

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