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Angela Anderson

Virtual Assistant

\"How you deal with failure determines how you achieve success.\" - David Feherty

As a dynamo in the virtual-assisting realm, Angela Anderson has constantly proven she\'s up to any task, no matter how large or how complex, and that she has the stamina and intelligence to see projects over every possible hurdle to achieve her clients\' goals.

Angela specializes in computer systems, and she is always delighted to have the opportunity to learn new software programs that can assist her clients. Where many would feel burdened by extra responsibility and obligation, Angela sincerely enjoys expanding her own knowledge of her field and contributing to her clients\' overall success with her new found skills. Fast learning and quick wits help her stay on top of new technology in a constantly-changing field, as well as keep her clients abreast of the best solutions for them.

Her philosophy of virtual assisting is simply that business owners need peace of mind to be able to run their business. The frequent distraction of a slew of day-to-day tasks can be quite stressful, and Angela likes to help her clients by taking all those little distraction off their minds so they can focus on the real work of growing their business. She likes to say that her clients\' success is not only a reflection of how well they do their job, but how well she\'s doing hers.

Angela holds an Associate\'s degree in Information Systems from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY and is currently pursuing a Bachelor\'s in Computer Science from that same institution. She expanded her skills as a virtual assistant beyond her computer background by working as a manager for pay-day loan companies, where she handled customer service in high-stress situations, collected loans, and ensured contracts met state standards. She has also provided logistics expertise for Werner Enterprises, a transport company, ensuring delivery schedules were created and adhered to and assigning and managing loads to the company\'s carriers. In both jobs, she did the work of several talented VAs and never dropped the ball.

Her myriad skills include computer software, customer service, order processing, social media, scheduling and coordination, and much more. If you\'d like to have a virtual assistant whose abilities far exceed what seems possible for a single human being, Angela is devoted to helping you succeed.

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