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Crystal (Crissy) Lauffer

Virtual Assistant

\"Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you\'ll still be among the stars\"-Mr. Cordiero

Crissy Lauffer is her client\'s ultimate right hand. If you need it, she\'ll bend over backward to be sure you have it as quickly as possible. Eager, well-educated, and quick to learn her client\'s personal likes and dislikes, Crissy is dedicated to becoming the indispensable assistant you couldn\'t do without.

Excelling in customer service, Crissy always maintains a cool head and delivers impeccably sympathetic and helpful assistance for every expressed need. She\'s also highly organized, maintaining incredible accuracy and speed in her administrative work, and can be depended upon to meet hard deadlines and stay one step ahead of her clients\' agenda.

An excellent communicator, Crissy makes friends within any office easily and has often been proclaimed by her employers as pleasant to be around at any time of day and under even the most stressful circumstances. She\'s a quick learner who quickly adapts particularly to new computer software and other technology, which means she never needs her hand held to get a job done right. A definite self-starter, Crissy will devote herself to learning any necessary skill to become an even more valuable asset for her clients.

Crissy is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Marylhurst University in Oregon, and currently holds an Associate in Science degree and a Certificate in Phlebotomy from the Allied Health Institute.

She previously worked as an administrative assistant performing data review and processing for Service Answers, Co., a business filing agency that meticulously checks the filing records for LLCs and Corporations for the Florida Department of State. Held to the highest standard, Crissy was lauded for her customer service, working against deadlines, updating and improving training manuals for employee use, and training staff.

Crissy has also worked for MGA Insurance as an office assistant and receptionist, and for the upscale boutique Wyvern Hotel in Punta Gorda, FL as a front desk agent. You\'ll be quick to find Crissy is the hardest-working member of your team, judging by her history: in her very first month as a front desk agent for the Hilton Garden Inn in Annapolis, MD, she was made Employee of the Month.

When you\'ve got your hands full with growing your business, you don\'t have time for tasks like marketing minutiae, website design tweaks, customer service calls, making appointments and travel arrangements, or checking social media. Crissy gives you an extra set of hands, a phenomenal mind, and a devoted partner in your company\'s growth.

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