Contemporary VA provides you with a skilled, proactive, and scalable team of Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who share your desire for your business’ success.

Jennifer Gallagher

Success Coach

\"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.\" - Andrew Carnegie

Our Success Coach, Jennifer Gallagher, knows the true value of building a team: she\'s been an unparalleled success at leading our VAs to help their clients achieve their business goals. Quick to understand a client\'s end goals and level-headed when it comes to mapping out a plan of action, Jennifer loves helping VAs see how they can assist clients with taking their businesses to the next level.

As Success Coach, Jennifer inspires and teaches the CVA team new skills and methods of delivering top quality results to satisfy and retain clients long-term. She loves developing and providing new training to the CVA team, especially when it pertains to the latest online marketing techniques.

Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. She\'s very thorough when assisting our VAs with complicated processes and procedures. Because of her heavy focus on communication, Jennifer has been successful at partnering our VAs with clients who can receive the maximum benefit from their assistance, and has helped streamline our process for demonstrating to clients what CVA can deliver.

Jennifer\'s special areas of expertise are online marketing techniques and automation. She holds a B.S. in Communications and Leadership from Duquesne University, is an InfusionSoft Certified Consultant, and is a member of both Digital Marketing Lab and MindTools. Before coming to us, she worked as the District Director for Abraxas, the Training Director for PRI, and a Training Director and Disaster Specialist for the American Red Cross. In her spare time, she volunteers with a local animal shelter.

Jennifer does an amazing job of helping our VAs become incredible assets to our clients, teaching them the best methods to help grow businesses and develop strong professional relationships. We\'re proud to have her on our team - every person at CVA benefits from her exemplary leadership.

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