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Oriana Ann

Virtual Assistant

\"The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.\" - Horace Wallpole

Oriana Ballard is a philosopher when it comes to business. She believes in the line between tradition and innovation, that a temporary failure is by no means as important as a successful end result, and that by keeping her client\'s happiness paramount in her mind, she can accomplish far more than the average virtual assistant.

Philosophers are rarely so enthusiastically endorsed for their beliefs as Oriana has been by her clients: her levelheaded, expansive field of thought has given her unique solutions to any number of her clients\' most difficult problems, and her ability to apply her knowledge to many different fields of business has made her a valuable player in her clients\' companies.

Oriana\'s honest, direct approach serves her well among clients who prefer not to deal with shades of gray. She strives to make promises on which she can deliver and to communicate clearly what she needs to accomplish big goals - two habits that have worked together to allow her to tackle some of the biggest problems in any organization.

She routinely handles difficult situations without losing her firm grip on her integrity and her enduring philosophy that nothing is impossible with the right approach.

Oriana\'s diverse background has equipped her to handle a unique array of business arenas, and the breadth of her experience ensures she can supply valuable knowledge. In addition to her degree in Mass Communications and Applied Technology from the University of Phoenix, Oriana has spent over eight years in graphic design and web content with Wicked Rabbit Media & Design.

Her fields include 3D design, print media, vector art, virtual architecture, conceptual design, and web design, in addition to more general business skills such as administrative duties, social media prospecting, and weekly reporting and web traffic updating.

A final important point from Oriana\'s point of view: she believes that there is no person alive who does not need assistance, though many business owners are loath to admit that they could achieve even greater success with knowledgeable allies to handle some of the critical components of business running.

Oriana strives to provide the kind of knowledgeable, even-handed support that her clients can be wholeheartedly glad of - and according to them, she succeeds.

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