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Patrice Kelly

Compliance Coordinator

\"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.\" - The Golden Rule

Patrice Kelly understands that less is more, especially when it comes to your business systems and communications. Her job is to clear out the extraneous clutter and streamline her clients\' organizations so that everything runs more smoothly and efficiently - without losing efficacy, naturally. Her years of experience and analytical mind help her find new ways every day for her clients to run their businesses better than they ever have before.

As a Compliance Coordinator for CVA, Patrice ensures that companies\' new processes and procedures are embraced by everyone and executed seamlessly. When everyone is on board, it\'s that much easier for new systems to be implemented smoothly and start benefiting the company sooner.

By staying one step ahead of every business process and procedure, Patrice finds problems before they occur and plugs up any cracks in the system where time and money might be lost. A quick thinking problem solver with a wide variety of administrative skills, Patrice can find solutions without pausing the business, which means any glitches get fixed before they can impede the flow of business or inconvenience clients\' customers.

Patrice holds a bachelor\'s degree in Marketing from Myers University, and a Minority Business Executive Program certificate from the Amos Tuck School in Dartmouth University. She also had the opportunity to study mechanical engineering at Kettering University - a skill that has proven useful in her duties as Compliance Coordinator. She is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Black Data Processors Association (BDPA).

With Patrice, it\'s simple to clear out the clutter and get the business running more smoothly - fast. Her mature eye and steady hand at the helm guide new systems into place with the minimum of fuss and the maximum efficacy.

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