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Scott Myers

Board of Directors

\"People who simply do the work are considered good at their jobs. People who exceed the parameters of their work are considered great.\"

We\'re struggling to come up with an adjective that encapsulates someone who does all this while simultaneously inspiring others, holding himself to highest standards of ethics, and exuding the kind of patient, reasoned leadership that comes with time in the trenches. We know who exemplifies that virtue, though, and it\'s an integral member of our Board of Directors, Scott R. Myers.

Scott spends countless hours teaching our clients how to motivate their staff to take self-development and teamwork as personal ambitions. He knows how to find the right position for every willing, determined employee, and he believes in putting people where their innate skills can shine. His philosophies have turned hundreds of so-so performers into stellar assets for their organizations, and his ethical standards have ensured that people are judged not on an arbitrary set of standards, but on their character, inherent assets, and willingness to learn.

Scott holds himself responsible for the dreams and desires of every employee under his tutelage, and every client who has entrusted him with their companies\' success. This approach makes him immensely popular with clients who want to see their goals met without having to coax along every step of the process. Scott creates plans and solutions that let his clients stop worrying about the details so they can simply enjoy the results. He\'s never yet encountered a set of problems too difficult for him to take on, but he knows that others don\'t always enjoy the heat enough to stay in the kitchen. By taking on the pressure himself, Scott frees his clients to operate at their best capacity - which is all he asks of anyone.

Educated at the Indiana Institute of technology and Rutgers University, Scott holds a degree in computer science and the skill set to match, making him uniquely suited to suggest technology solutions to companies who have found themselves out of their depth. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA), and is happy to advise on matters of organizational security. He has previously served as President of the companies Design3rds and enTRANS Solutions, as Owner of Eye4Photography for 15 years, and as Board of Directors Member for Contemporary VA. He is a current member of the Black Data Processing Association (BDPA), New York Chapter, and has spent time working as a volunteer in Latin America, developing business incubators in technology to help the disadvantaged population gain skills that would help them change their economic status.

Scott\'s compassion and understanding for the challenges of company ownership have made him a champion of business owners and employees serving at all levels of an organization. He believes that all people truly aspire to be great, and he makes it his mission to help them blaze their own trail.

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