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Showeshi Strickland-Boston

Virtual Assistant

An alumna of California State University, East Bay, where she majored in Liberal Arts and Deaf Culture/Studies, Virtual Assistant Showeshi Strickland-Boston believes that business success or failure comes down to one thing: relationships. She contends, \"Our success in any industry and any form of business is predicated on making those relationships work. I\'m very relationship-oriented and work hard to make sure that my clients are successful. Their success equates to my success!\" Thus it comes as no surprise that clients know Showeshi as positive, courteous, openly communicative, and someone who can handle all tasks in a timely manner; while her colleagues love her ability to create unique and interesting opportunities for clients.

A Certified Professional Training Instructor/Facilitator and Training Generalist (and soon undertaking her Master Trainer Certification with sub-certification in Coaching), Showeshi is an Accredited Cruise Counselor and Certified Travel Agent (she owned her own travel agency and now continues as an Independent Travel Consultant), having worked for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. for 9 years (in various positions including sales, training, and development), and as the Sales and Marketing Manager of Cruisetours (for all three of Royal Caribbean\'s cruise brands). Prior to this she worked at Sun Microsystems (Oracle) as a College Recruiter Coordinator and in the curriculum development and training department for their SunU engineering program--through which Showeshi acquired considerable insight into the business world.

Virtual Assistants like Showeshi are selected in part for their commitment to continually expanding their technical expertise--with Showeshi\'s own strengths in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and in her own words, \"Anything I set my mind to.\" With the primary goal of doing it right the first time and getting it done early if at all possible, as a VA, Showeshi\'s basic responsibilities include: updating client websites, sales and squeeze pages; maximizing the value of her clients\' businesses by suggesting new ways to improve, grow and/or streamline their operations; invoicing and ongoing administrative data entry; planning, hosting, and managing client webinars and teleseminars; and planning, writing, and distributing client communications (newsletters, blogs, and social media).

Additionally, Showeshi serves in the capacity of customer service representative, helps launch new products (coordinating new web pages, crafting social media strategies, and scheduling broadcast emails), acts as Joint Venture (JV) Coordinator or Affiliate Manager, functions as appointment coordinator (regarding calendars and to-do lists), and coordinates and/or implements technology her clients lack the time or wherewithal to accomplish (such as Infusionsoft, 1Shoppingcart, Aweber, Mailchimp, JigsawBox, and Evergreen Business Systems)--while partnering with other CVA Team Members to ensure that all work is completed promptly, and by an expert in that field.

Passionate about collaboration, Showeshi maintains that what excites her most about her work at CVA is seeing a completed project or the start of a project she has worked on with a client. Whether collaborated on to bring something new to life, or taking something currently in place to a new level, she finds that what is achieved through collaboration highly rewarding. She explains, \"I am the person that clients rely upon to bring their project visions to life. By utilizing my skills and resources, I am able to translate thoughts and ideas into words, actions, and images that impact my client\'s business in a positive way.\"

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