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Infusionsoft Kickstart Service Plan

When you purchase Infusionsoft CVA, we’ll help you get started. Our Kickstart Service Plan includes the following:

  • Import your email contact list with segmentation

  • Set-up and design 1 email and 1 newsletter template

  • Create the strategy for and implement 2 campaigns (or 2 processes or opportunities – your choice!).

  • Marketing/branding - CVA will populate the entire Infusionsoft branding center. 

  • 60-minute consultation to develop your customized Infusionsoft game plan

  • 60-minute consultation to map out your customized Infusionsoft campaigns

Some of the extra benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose CVA as your Kickstart Success Coach include:

  • Campaigns are customized to YOUR business

  • Your invoice template, shopping cart template and order form template will be set-up!

  • You’ll have a dashboard created in your Infusionsoft with at least 4 main features – customized for YOUR business.

  • 3 free one-hour bonus calls with an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant – you can use this for ongoing training, support or for strategic support.

Price: $1,497.00


If you’re ready to start selling your products right away, this is the perfect addition to our Kickstart Service Plan. You’ll receive everything include in our Kickstart Service Plan, plus:

  • Complete set-up and testing of your payment gateway

  • Creation of up to 20 products in your Infusionsoft account. This includes any needed payment plans, free trial and/or product bundles too!

  • If you have a previous shopping cart, CVA will import your products from your old system into Infusionsoft. We’ll also ensure the options are all set to work as soon as you add the links to your website!

  • Creation of one product specific nurture campaign to turn your buyers into repeat buyers and referral partners! *

  • Creation of two one-click upsells. We’ll create a landing page in Infusionsoft, Wordpress or Leadpages too

  • Customized sales report created on your Infusionsoft dashboard

  • An online video training to show you how to setup a promotion discount, product bundle and add a new product. 

Price: $2,397.00


If you’re ready to LEAP forward with your business and reap the most benefits from your new Infusionsoft account, this is the perfect package for you. The Infusionsoft Kickstart Service Plan Referral Partner Plus includes everything from the basic Kickstart Service Plan AND the Kickstart Service Plan Product Plus package plus:

  • Set-up of your Referral Partner Center

  • Creation of a customized welcome page for your Referral Partners

  • Creation of your commission structure and set-up of 5 commission programs.

  • Upload of up to 5 promotional emails or 2 resource pages.*

  • Creation of a Referral Partner sign-up form that CVA will upload to your website.

  • Creation and implementation of a Referral Partner welcome campaign

  • Import referral partners from your previous affiliate system (if applicable).

  • 1 – 60 minute strategy call to discuss Referral Center set-up and best practices.

  • An online video training to show you how to use your Referral Partner system, customized for you. Including how to create and obtain links and run reports.

Price: $3,297.00

Infusionsoft Kickstart Infusionsoft Kickstart Plus Infusionsoft Kickstart Referral Partner Plus
  Get Started
Get Started
Get Started
Dedicated Success Coach Yes Yes Yes
Import contacts Yes Yes Yes
Setup email & newsletter template Yes Yes Yes
Done-for-you campaigns 2
Branding center setup – including invoice, shopping cart & order form templates Yes Yes Yes
One-hour consultations calls 5
Payment gateway setup   Yes Yes
20 Products created   Yes Yes
Product Import   Yes Yes
2 one-click upsells with sales page   Yes Yes
Customized Sales Report   Yes Yes
Online video product promotion training   Yes Yes
Set-up of your Referral Partner Center     Yes
Creation of Referral partner welcome page     Yes
Upload of 5 promotional emails or 2 resource pages     Yes
Referral partner sign-up form created and added to website     Yes
Commission structure set-up     Yes
Referral partner import     Yes
Online referral partner video training     Yes
Kickstart Package Price $1,497.00 $2,397.00 $3,297.00

All Infusionsoft package services are non-refundable and expire within 60 days of purchase.

What’s Not Included:

  • Copywriting

  • Graphics

  • Website work – no sales pages or links with your website are included.

  • Additional calls


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  • Workflow and back-office support (order processing, delivery confirmation, and follow-up)
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