"Thank you again for everything you do for us. We are so fortunate that we got you to work with us. Thank you for saving me as both my partner and I were dealing with an ordeal yesterday which was really draining." » Destination Wedding Planner, Calgary Canada

"I can't say enough great things about Kathee. The most significant quality Kathee brings to her job is the ability to problem solve and find solutions. Even if she does not have the answers (which most of the time she does) she will figure it out through her own means of research. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her for my team. Not only is she organized and extremely capable she is an absolute delight to work with!" » Consultant & Coach, San Diego, California

"My VA is an all-around knowledgeable assistant who knows how to do everything well. He uses his own initiatives to create innovative ideas that benefit my business. He is honest, reliable and quick to action." » Operational Manager & Professional Trainer, Hyde Park, Massachusetts

"My VA has saved my life. When I look at my email in the middle of the day, I no longer have panic attacks, because everything is answered perfectly and always kept organize." » Entrepreneur & Dance Instructor, Geneva, Illinois

"My VA is brilliant and always says yes and then gets the job done. I'm delighted with all her work and I love her can do attitude." » Master Trainer of Hypnosis & NLP, United Kingdom

"You guys are great, you are soooooooooooooooooooo worth the money!" » Doctor, Wyoming

"Excellent Job Laura and CVA!" » Doctor, Wyoming

"Things are going great with Helen." » Branding Professional, Texas

"I just want you to know that this is the first trip I have taken and not felt like everything was going to fall apart if I was not in front of the computer. Thank you for being so on top of things!!" » Beauty Product Manufacturer, California

"I wanted to tell you how incredibly delighted I am to be working with Shayne and the CVA team. Shayne has impressed me beyond belief. She is very dedicated and works super fast. I have worked with 2 VA's prior to CVA, I guess 3rd times the charm! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" » Life Coach, Canada

"I just wanted to put a good word in for Virginia Forder. She is excellent and I'm very happy with her work. I am confident that tasks will not only get done but get done competently. She is an asset to my business." » Consumer Service Provider, Virgina

"I absolutely love my VA - Helen." » Real Estate Investment Professional, Florida

"Jennifer is fantastic. She has absolutely exceeded my expectations. She is knowledgeable, professional, and proactive. And if she is not familiar with something, she finds someone who is to help her get the job done.<br/><br/>I'm extremely pleased with the service. At this point, I can't think of anything Contemporary VA could be doing better. I know Jennifer's dedicated hours working with me will need to be increased soon as my business officially launches later this month and I look forward to implementing that as soon as we have a better idea of the hours needed." » Strategist & Author, New Mexico

"Really refreshing to work with such a professional after I had major problems with a previous service provider. Really happy to continue working with Contemporary VA." » Wedding Planner, Canada

"As a spiritual life coach, I am dedicated to empowering and providing great content and resources to soul-inspired entrepreneurs. I endorse products and services that are both authentic and customer service friendly. Contemporary Virtual Assistance has the perfect blend of authenticity qualified virtual assistants, and the willingness to go the extra mile. They are a perfect fit!" » Life Coach, Canada

"I'm using Contemporary VA to provide what I'm calling "virtual editorial assistance", monitoring and filtering user submitted content to my web site. They've done a great job following my direction and quickly coming up to speed on my needs. They're asking the right questions as needed, and just "doing the job" the rest of the time. I'll be sending more work their way in the future." » Software Provider, Washington

"Contemporary VA has been absolutely fantastic. They have been on top of everything. They are skilled in the specific technologies that I use to conduct my business. They have kept me informed. They ask all the right questions and make suggestions that I was impressed by. I see a long term relationship with Contemporary VA." » Personal Services, Michigan

"Contemporary VA is a gem. Hire them and you'll get action, top-notch service, and personalized attention and support." » Musician, Colorado

"Robert, Thanks for all you did. CVA is a class act operation." » Winery, California

"Jennifer has been doing an outstanding job!" » Blogger and Author, Japan

"CVA has done a lot more than I expected. I think the challenge is in limitation of time, but you guys sure do work effectively!" » Software & Computing Consultant, Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know that my VA is absolutely amazing! I'm pretty sure that VA stands for Virtual Angel. She has given me a large portion of my life back. And after telling my husband some of the things she's helping me with... he asked me if she was for real... he was soooo impressed. I'm so glad I went with Contemporary VA. Thank you!." » Wedding Design Specialist, Ontario Canada

"We have been meaning to let you know how thrilled we are with our VA. She has picked up very quickly what we have asked her to do and goes way beyond what is expected. Thanks so much for putting her with us. Our lives seem to get busier and busier and she is a great help." » Destination Wedding Planner, Calgary Canada

"I wanted to personally thank you for your expertise and for your phenomenal talent for teaching! I'm so excited about the work you've been creating for me! Thank you for doing such a splendid job, making the training videos easy to follow, concentrated, friendly and packed full with knowledge. Attention paid to every detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)" » Interface Designer, Stockholm, Sweden

"It's taken me a long time to find someone who is a good match for me (kind of like dating - ha ha) and I'm truly blown away with your level of experience, organization and speed with how you get things done. You're a gift, a Godsend and the perfect gal for me. Taking on all the stuff I shouldn't be doing is allowing me to serve so many more women in a much bigger way - don't underestimate the ripple effect your contribution is having on the world Virginia!" » Dating Coach, Vancouver, Canada

"Just wanted to send a separate note as we end this month to say I have been thrilled with the responsiveness, the initiative, the speed and timeliness with which our work got done last month! Boy did we motor! A lot got done - and it was down to you." » Management & Team Training Coach, United Kingdom

"That's Awesome! Totally exceeded my expectations!" » Coach & Consultant for Entrepreneurs in the Creatives Industry, Oregon

"You should have been called Angel, not Angela! You are a gem! Thanks!" » Environmental Education, Stroud, United Kingdom

"I am very happy with how efficient and uncomplicated our work relationship has started. Thank you!" » Corporate Trainer & Coach, Oslo, Norway

"I appreciate my VA's timeliness, the way they check in and keep me apprised of what is happening, etc. With both VA's assigned to me, we're still learning how we communicate, which is fine and to be expected, but I would say that overall, I am very pleased with what is happening. I've now had a chance to see more of the type of work that is what I was expecting, I am looking forward to 2012 and working with CVA." » Productivity Expert, Nevada

"I really loved the graphic you did, so much so. Now I want my website changed so it fits in with the whole color theme, etc. I love it! The branding just feels right now! Wow!" » Training Academy in Hertfordshire, UK

"I absolutely LOVE Lillian. I would never want to work with another VA, ever! She has done everything from social media to website work for me and I am happy with it all!" » Business Coach, Norway

"Christine has high energy and is very responsive. She is always on top of things. If all of your VA's are as good as Christine, you have a winning crowd!" » Entrepreneurial Training, New Jersey

"Our VA has done a fantastic job for our group of companies. She has a great aptitude to handle any challenge that comes her way. She is very timely with excellent follow up. Her communication and work quality has served or companies well." » Interior Design, California

"My VA is awesome! She always goes above and beyond to get the job done. On a recent project she kept me focus and on task. She came up with creative solutions to overcome potential roadblocks along the way. She always thinks "outside the box" and is a true partner. Because of my VA's help we were able to raise $11,000 to donate to the Winship Cancer Institute." » (NA), Georgia

"My VA has been a real blessing to my company. She's responsive, competent, kind, hard working and always striving to learn more and perform her job well. Above all she cares about the client. My whole team and my clients love her!" » Marketing Solutions and Training, Colorado

"My VA is "High Energy and Very Responsive" and is always on top of things." » Artist and Spiritual Coach, New Jersey

"My VA has saved my life. When I look at my email in the middle of the day, I no longer have panic attacks, because everything is answered perfectly and always kept organized." » Entrepreneur & Dance Instructor, Geneva, Illinois

"I am thrilled with the support from my VA and everything else at CVA too. I'm aiming high with my business and I feel better knowing I have an excellent VA on my team." » Car Salesman, Palo Alto, CA

"My VA is brilliant and always says yes and then gets the job done. I'm delighted with all her work and I love her can do attitude." » Master Trainer of Hypnosis & NLP, United Kingdom

"My VA performed really outstanding work on some urgent, complicated and time-consuming tasks given at the very last minute in the end-of-the-month rush. All were accomplished with the speed, care and attention to detail as is the trademark of our VA and CVA." » Author, International Speaker & Workshop Facilitator, Santa Barbara, California

"MY VA is amazing at what she does... like a total rockstar." » Entrepreneur & Writer, Los Angeles, California

"You know you're working with an excellent VA when you feel like you are their only client - and my VA takes the cake in that department! I am consistently working within tight deadlines, and often have many last minute items that require immediate attention. My VA stays calm, cool and collected when this happens. She is excellent at going with the flow at all times." » Relationship Coach, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I have been working with my VA for more than 2 years and she has always been instrumental in supporting me with social media and marketing efforts. During the last month, she has taken on more responsibility in order to promote one of my business partners in a marketing campaign. This campaign involves a large number of new and sophisticated analytic tools, and my VA has been very proactive in getting everything up and running. There was no way I could have done this myself, and so quickly!" » Career & Reputation Coach, Sweden

"Heaven must be missing an Angel, because one appears to have landed on all of my social media profiles! I am amazed at how my Virtual Assistant - Social Media Goddess to the Stars, can so easily transform my words and her pen into something that penetrates the heart and mind of all my ideal clients, colleagues and fans. It doesn't stop there. My VA continually dazzles me with her ability to work at the speed of light and choose absolutely stunning images that perfectly align with my brand and personality. I am beyond thrilled with the magic and excitement that my VA with Contemporary VA is bringing to my brand." » Dating & Relationship Expert, Vancouver, Canada

"My VA Rocks! I have worked with several VA's and she is by far the most efficient, talented and intuitive VA for my needs. We exchanged very pointed emails about tasks to be completed and she has always exceeded the necessary requirements in the time frame needed. I am so delighted to have a Contemporary VA on my team as our styles mesh and she 'gets' what's in my head! I consider CVA a part of my team moving forward and am excited to keep working with them." » Conscious Love & Relationship Expert, Las Vegas, Nevada

"My Contemporary VA Virtual Assistants are without question the best VA's I've had on my team in the 14 years I've been in business. But this month, they definitely elevated to Rock Star status with the support they provided during a special event. I panicked when I only had 12% confirmed to my event. Enter stage left - My CVA VA to the rescue. With lightning speed, she had swooped in and reached out to every connection the company had and my confirmation rate went from 12% to 43% within 3 short days. I am so incredibly grateful to my VA team for their unwavering loyalty, focus and fierce determination to support me so I can grow my business." » Dating & Relationship Expert, Vancouver, Canada

"I want to thank CVA for all of their help, I don't know what I would do without them. My meeting with my Client Advocate today was very productive and helpful. They provided me with great customer service and I will definitely be in touch with them if I think of anything else." » Operational Manager, Career & Life Coach, Boston, Massachusetts

"My VA consistently performs at a high level making obstacles no problem and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I'm super impressed and incredibly happy with my Virtual Assistant at Contemporary VA." » Marketing & Advertising Expert, San Diego, California

"My VA is always on hand to solve our challenges, support our numerous clients globally, and always finds a way to help. She delivers work in agreed upon timeframes and always provides reassurance that that our needs are not a problem. I love my VA's attitude and ability to work remotely with little guidance. CVA is Highly Recommended." » Behavioral Strategist & Business Growth Coach, United Kingdom

"My VA is the most knowledgeable, talented and professional VA I've ever had in the two and a half years I've run my business (she's my eighth before coming to CVA.) She's saved me so much money, time, and worry and is extremely prompt, fast, responsive and available. I am so grateful. Thank you!" » Love Coach and Vedic Astrologist, Los Angeles, CA

"My VA has been absolutely phenomenal! She has just started working with me and I already don't know how I can do anything without her! She is efficient and talented and her copywriting skills are fantastic. I am so happy and lucky to have her on my team!!" » Family Counselor & Speaker, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"My VA is highly efficient, gets my tasks done correctly and quickly and explains the techy stuff to me when I get stuck." » Fertility Treatment and Support, Dublin, Ireland

"I love dealing with CVA. The support on the management side has been outstanding. Then I was fortunate to get assigned a talented and dedicated VA. In the past 3 weeks, her one hour per day with has changed my role from slave to my business . . . to the executive in my business! My VA is highly experienced in business support and required no training from me. My VA is highly competent at everything I have asked her to do and works with CVA colleagues to complete multiple projects. My VA appears to love the spirit of teamwork at CVA, and so do I! Finally, another reason I am so happy to have a VA in my business, is that she is proactive. She nudges me to do things on time, or in advance of a deadline. The commitment to having a VA has been the best business investment I have made in a long time!" » Dance Mastery Coach, Naples, FL

"My VA is doing such a great job helping me push my business forward! I'm thrilled to be working with her on a regular basis. She always delivers what I need, when I need it!" » Marketing & Business Coach, Yorba Linda, CA

"My VA exceeds my expectations. She is very proactive and quickly turns conversations into action. She is a very articulate marketer and at the same time has great technical skills. She single- handedly built a brand new website for me. I consider myself lucky to have her as my assistant. She is an asset to both my company and to CVA. I am grateful to be doing business with a company like CVA and its great employees." » Career Coach, Hyde Park, MA

"My VA is a key member of my team and business. We have worked brilliantly together for the last 2+ years and she knows me better than I know myself. She is irreplaceable and I would be lost without her." » Master Trainer & Coach of NLP, Hertfordshire, UK

"My VA's persistence in helping me get my blog up for the first time was a HUGE help!! She was also very diligent in helping me develop a teleseminar which was a crucial part of my business plan. She is doing a great job!!!" » Life Coach, Waco, TX

"My VA is doing an awesome job at exceeding my expectations. I asked her to attend training for a product we are working on, and she had already found a training and attended it! She has been very proactive at taking care of things I mentioned in passing, and I feel like she spends all her time thinking about my business (even though intellectually I know that couldn't be true)." » OEM Sales Manager, Pierre, SD

"My VA fits into our team like a well-worn glove. Her work is outstanding; she never complains, has the best attitude and goes the extra mile for everyone! She is part of our family--not an outside contractor. She owns our work like we're her only client. What a keeper!" » Spiritual & Abundance Coach, Sebastopol, CA

"My VA put together a month's worth of Tweets, Facebook, & LinkedIn posts and every message was positive, upbeat and reflected my voice. One post was retweeted 10 times!" » Career Advocate & Coach, Eagan, MN

"My VA is so awesome! I appreciate her willingness and support and for being here for me anytime I need her. I am so grateful to have her on my team!" » Business & Marketing Coach, Salt Lake City, UT

"My VA is AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and TOP NOTCH!!! Well done! Even my clients appreciate you!" » Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA

"My VA is awesome and a huge asset to my business. She's not "just" my VA but a real partner in my business." » Relationship Coach, Topanga, CA

"Things are going great and I'd love to add more hours to work with my VA more. He can do anything I throw at him and has helped me research ways to streamline my business saving me time and money. I hope to work with him for years to come." » Aviation Advice & News, South Pasadena, FL

"It's incredible how much my VA has helped me! She's really gotten into our business and I'm giving her more and more every day with confidence it'll all be done perfectly. I wish I would've found her years ago!" » ADHD Coach, Atlanta, GA

"My VA's work is outstanding. When we first started working together for my first product launch, she provided me with a To Do list. This helped me get organized and understand the sequence of events. After I provided her with my content, she put together my campaign in Infusionsoft on time and met with me to show me how everything will work. She has been a joy to work with and I am beyond grateful for her help." » Business Coach, Orinda, CA

"I gave my VA a HUGE project to do. I got it to her late in the night and by the next afternoon she had engaged other Contemporary VA team members, and managed to pull off a huge task, that I did not think was possible. My VA was able to build a 5-day course in hours, with very scanty instructions, all the while maintaining a bright and easy going manner. My VA has wildly exceeded my expectations..." » Spiritual Coach, Nevada City, CA

"I'm so impressed with the level of work my VA can do. I had her create a website for a client, setup sales funnels and more and the work was beyond my expectations - so well done. I'm happy I have her support every day." » Business Coach, Spanga, Sweden

"My VA is a tech genius. She's worked tirelessly for me and my business this year. Her work is beautiful and she goes the extra mile. She thinks through the whole process and anticipates my needs before they arrive. She is committed, passionate, talented and very skilled as a technical VA. I am beyond grateful to have her on my team." » Business & Marketing Coach, Salt Lake City, UT

"My VA has been a huge help this year. She's helped me ease the transition into taking my business online, working with an assistant and getting organized. I am super grateful for all of her prompt responses, ideas and assistance with everything. I'm excited to work with her next year and for many more years to come." » Life Coach, Idaho Falls, ID

"I am mightily impressed with the professional approach shown by you all, and my VA has already made me feel very comfortable and excited about moving forward." » Business Coach, United Kingdom

"Please extend a HUGE thank you to the VA who did this for me. I feel a thousand pounds lighter not having had to do that myself one more time! I am absolutely positively going to have her edit for me again in the future. And that she did it in Pages and made suggestions as well as corrections and annotated everything... OMG, amazing!!!" » Coach & Consultant for Entrepreneurs in the Creatives Industry

"A superb service, they understood my needs right from the start and all the way through, whether your big or small, am confident Contemporary VA can help any organisation or individual meet there outsourcing needs. I was kept up to date on all ongoing work, and work was only done when the go ahead from me was given. No surprises, no hassle, and even added bonus support from a dedicated admin staff whom coordinated all my tasks to various assistants I am now proceeding with working with the company on an ongoing basis and hopefully long term 10/10! Thanks" »

"Contemporary VA is really good, fast and do exactly what you need." »

"I was impressed by Contemporary VA's ability to understand my needs and implement them and some. They were quick and efficient. I would use them again and recommend them." »

"The blog post you did was great. You have turned into quite the blogger!" »

"Contemporary Virtual Assistance are a great team to work with. They are very proactive which is really important for "personal assistant" job for which I hired them. They own your job. If you forget to give them the information they need for your job, they will remind you. They have lots of energy and are very professional. I would definitely recommend them." »

"I wanted to share a bit of good news - last weekend our client had a record sales day, due in large part to your efforts here. Considering the state of the auto business right now, this is a major accomplishment. From me personally, and from all the salespeople and staff at the dealership, THANK YOU! Keep up the great work." »

"I want you to be sure to know that I'm grateful for you and the work you do to help me and my business succeed. Thank you Penny!" »

"Contemporary VA was professional, creative and worked to provide a quality product. I am extremely happy with the sales letter that I received. Excellent Job!" »

"I was very happy with the results of my project with Contemporary VA. I would highly recommend them!" »

"Contemporary VA is a great company to work with." »

"Excellent provider, able to provide solutions to very complex research needs on time and on budget. Highly recommended." »

"Contemporary VA is a pleasure to work with and very professional. Highly recommended." »

"I want to give the highest praises on the work that Holly has been doing for me. I feel more sane and it has helped me improve revenue. I don't know what I would ever do if I lost Holly as a VA." »

"Contemporary Virtual Assistance is a class act! Very easy to work with." »

"Contemporary VA was aggressive, professional, proactive. A pleasure to work with." »

"So far the CVA team are absolute highest quality, I had them do some research for me, involving gathering and summarizing lots of data on Ebay, and they did an amazing job. They are wonderful on multiple projects as building the relationship, they learn to adapt to the style that works best for you(me)." »

"I highly recommend Contemporary VA. They went above and beyond my expectations." »

"Contemporary VA did an outstanding job on the research I requested. While not a niche expert in the material, they found just what I was looking for. They were able to respond in an extraordinarily fast manner, which was much appreciated. Their communication was excellent - kept me posted through out all steps, which I also found very helpful and comforting." »

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